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Free Navigator course for Leeds men

Our next Navigator online course starts on 2nd March, and it's bloody well FREE for all Leeds Men!

What you’ll learn on this course

Confident communication skills – how to stand up for yourself without falling out with others. We don’t have to be aggressive or let others walk all over us. We’ll talk about how simple ways of talking, asking and listening can help you avoid conflict and get yourself heard. 

How to find direction and motivation – by setting goals that mean something to you. We all have different values and needs, but how often do we really think about them? You’ll find the goals and direction that are important to you and start taking steps toward them right away.

Being your own man – what should men have to follow a narrow idea of what ‘masculinity’ is? Break through the old stereotypes about what men should and shouldn’t be and feel clearer about what your personal values are and how you can live life your unique way.

Stress and relaxation techniques – tricks and tools for feeling more relaxed. Looking at the link between mind and body and using it to manage everyday stress and learning to turn your attention to what you can change and stop wasting your time looking at what you can’t.


Course format

Every week we’ll look at a different topic and discuss how it applies to  your life. You’ll also set yourself small tasks to put into practice what we’ve talked about because there’s no better learning than learning by doing. It will be informal, relaxed and open.

You won’t be expected to talk about personal stuff if you don’t want to. This isn’t counselling – you can get what you need from the course without sharing your deepest feelings. However, it will be a place where you can be as open as you want to be.

Feeling anxious about starting a new thing? Keep your camera off when you join and put it on when you feel ready to. 

Any questions? Email me – [email protected] 

Hope to see you on 2nd March!


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