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For Individuals

Free Wellbeing courses for people in Leeds

Most of our wellbeing courses are run in partnership with local community groups – the ones you can join as an individual are listed below. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not ask a local community group to set something up for you and your community? 

Check out our organisations page to see what we can do.

Table of Contents

Women Supporting Women

These sessions are relaxed, safe group discussions focusing on keeping well and looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

The course runs for six weekly sessions of two hours. Topics covered are open to the group to decide – here are some examples:

wsw face collage

Wellmen Activist Training

If you’re a man* living or volunteering in Leeds and you want to improve your skills supporting other men to lead healthier and happier lives, join this free online course.

We’ll look at:

  • Using your strengths to support others
  • Men, masculinity and health
  • How to have little chats that make a big difference  
  • Signposting and motivating men to connect to services in Leeds 
  • Supporting women to feel safe and respected
  • Suicide risk awareness and action 
  • Group work facilitation skills

After the course, we’ll keep supporting you to go back to your community and put into practice what you’ve learned. Whatever you want to do, we can help you make a difference! 


Please contact us to find out when the next course runs!


The course is funded by Leeds Community Foundation 


Contact [email protected] for more information


*Anyone identifying as a man is welcome


The Long Distance Social Club NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING

The COVID-19 crisis has been hard on all of us for all sorts of reasons. We miss our friends, we miss being able to socialise, we miss being able to just sit down with other people, have a chat and relax.

That’s what the Long Distance Social Club is all about. Using Zoom in these socially distanced times, it’s a way for men to get together to chat about different issues as a group, support each other in finding solutions to their problems and anxieties, and improve their wellbeing.

The Long Distance Social Club runs weekly on Thursday afternoons. Each week there is a different theme to kick off discussions. We also share some exercises designed to get you thinking about how to look after yourself and stay on top of things in these strange times.

The Club is open to all Leeds men, including trans men.

To join, you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera, plus the free Zoom app. You can also run it directly in your browser from the Zoom website.

If you are new to video chats, just get in touch and we will send you step-by-step instructions on how to use Zoom. If you get stuck we can give you a call and talk you through it.

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