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Who we are

Our Community

Humans Being is community-led. Our members, staff, freelance trainers and directors have our own experiences of mental ill-health and dealing with the challenges and pressures that society puts on  us because of our genders. 

We’ve been through a lot and sometimes we still struggle, but we’re passionate about tackling issues that change the way we talk about gender and mental health.

By connecting as communities and exploring the positive things that we have to offer, we are stronger. We will bring about change for the better, for ourselves and each other.

Our Directors

Meet our Board of Directors. Hover over the pics for more info.

About Jade

I joined to board to gain some more experience and share my perspectives as a young woman and single mum.





Jade Dorsett

About Robin

I joined the board because I believe in the philosophy of the organisation. I like the inclusion ethos – this is something I’m passionate about in my work and personal life. I have worked for the NHS for over 15 years in a clinical mental health role – in particular ethnic minorities and health inequalities. 

Robin Ellis

About Duncan

 I’ve seen the damage that gender role expectations do to people – my friends, my family and myself and communities. At the same time, seeing people break through the limiting expectations that have been put upon them, raise each other up, dare each other to take a new step and do something different, blows my mind and gives me hope.

Duncan Millard

About Thuja

I joined as a Director as I felt as though I might be able to offer support and have always been passionate about helping people. 




Thuja Phillips

About Noshad

 I am a broad/podcastor who works within Education and media. I participated in the Wellman Activist training run by Duncan. This inspired me to get more involved with community work, as well as learning and understanding how to engage people who experience mental ill-health. 


Noshad Qayyum

About Rachel

Rachel Stanton

About Heather

I’ve worked for grassroots mental health organisations in Leeds for over 20 years as a Finance and Development Coordinator. My own mental health journey has made me aware of how much people’s mental wellbeing is affected by their gender and passionate about enabling communities to improve their own wellbeing.

Heather Vickers

Our Facilitators

Our mental wellbeing facilitators are lived-experience practitioners who share a huge diversity of life and career experience of the barriers and factors that can lead to mental-ill heath. They are passionate about helping our communities find ways to connect, to support themselves and each other. Hover over the pics for more info.

About Saphra

I am a dynamic facilitator and trainer with almost 15 years’ experience of holding space for diverse groups. I work in a way that encourages deep, honest connections, finding strength in vulnerability through active listening and sharing the vast and varying experiences of what it means to be a woman.

Saphra Bennett

About Amarjit

I’ve been working for some years now in health and wellbeing. I want to help women to understand themselves better and overcome their challenges. I’ve been through some of my own challenges and I know how important it is for women to come together, support each other and learn from each other.

Amarjit Birdi

About Natalie

I have a passion for creating safe spaces which enable women to overcome personal barriers, realise their potential and improve their wellbeing. I find it incredibly inspiring to see women share their knowledge, discover their confidence, learn from one another and reach their goals.

Natalie Davis

About Sue

I’m a freelance facilitator with my own personal and family story around wellbeing and mental health. Working with Humans Being combines my core passions: supporting people to be who they want to be and working with local communities to recognise the strengths of the people who live in them.


Sue Hoey

About Janet

I am passionate and committed to empowering women to achieve their goals and harness their talents. During my career in community work, supporting positive emotional wellbeing and mental health has been a constant theme. 



Janet Kent

About Duncan

Before Humans Being I worked with Oblong in Leeds, first as a small groups advisor and then working with the NHS to create the Head Space mental well-being course, which has been delivered to hundreds of people all over Leeds. I’ve created many mental wellbeing courses for the local authority, private trusts and the health service, including Mindful Gardening, Mindmate Families and Peaceful Minds.

Duncan Millard

About Fra

As a recent migrant to this country, I’ve encountered many barriers to my integration such as accessing services, education, employment and housing. Overcoming these barriers and my passion for enabling people to do the same has brought me to focus on the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Fra Panella

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