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We Need You!

We Are Recruiting Board Members Humans Being is a small but growing organisation with ambitious plans for future development of our portfolio of courses, workshops and training. To help us grow we need experienced members of the public to join our Board as Directors. We are a CIC. The board of directors of the company are like the trustees of a charity. We are welcoming applications from people with lived experience of mental ill health and / or from culturally diverse backgrounds and / or part of the LGBTQ* Community We are particularly keen to recruit members of the local

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Active Bystander training

Switch on to Women’s Safety – learn how to run ‘active bystander’ workshops for men 85% of women in Leeds have been harassed in the street and more than 20% have been sexually assaulted or raped. Our ‘Switch on to Women’s Safety’ workshop supports men to understand women’s experiences and find practical tools, ideas and solutions to do something about it while keeping themselves safe. It harnesses the empathy that men feel towards victims and builds their confidence by showing them that they can and in most cases have already made interventions that can make girls and women feel safe

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